This is Me!!!

Let me put this simply,

I won't be putting up with your crap. So be nice!!!! 
Enough said;

I love anime and it is my heart and soul. It's hard to name the favorites though. If yah see some strange pics feel free to ask me about them.. Alos plz help me come up with a name for ya all.

I also should give ya some more back round history on me. My mom died protecting me from a bunch of gang creeps who wanted to rape me. They raped her and then killed her in front of me. Then they tried to go after me, thankfully the cops came.

For the longest time I lived with my sister Ukiyo. Then she died at after work, the same creeps went after her Now I live with my step mother and her daughter. I am home schooled at fifteen. My actual name is Karen Roze Mori. Violet is my U.S. alter ego. My buddy Habiki thought this would be good for me, and it might. My best friend Yukari lives alone because her parents travel a lot. I am currently dating Kyo( but I won't reveal his last name on here).

Well bye,


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    • Hey, my name is Violet Nomad. So I'd like to tell you all somethings about me,
    • My best friend and sister died a few years back
    • My mum died trying to protect me from a bunch of creeps
    Well enough with the sad stuff,
    • I love Nickleback, Lapfox, Skillet, Green Day, and Three Days Grace
    • I love anime
    • I don't put up with any body's crap


    June 2013